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Weekly Update- A Break from School

Hello readers! Today we have another quick weekly update.

The schools closed yesterday for a short mid-term to be re-opened on Monday. Kids were stopping by all day just to greet me. They were so excited and happy when receiving clothes and soap to take back home.

As a matter of fact, the Uji program for the three schools is making the children look forward to going back to school on Monday. Sometimes I'm randomly stopped by children or parents or even grandparents who want to thank me and that seriously just makes my day to see them all happy. It's amazing how a mug of Uji, such a simple meal in school, can mean the world to them. Thank you all so much for helping to bring happiness into their lives.

I have received a request from the hearing impaired school if we can help with uniforms for the hearing impaired children, about 70 pupils and the cost of each set of three here in Voi is Kshs.1,500/-. Hopefully, we can help them, even if the process is slow. Perhaps we can sponsor a few at a time until they are all done. Most of these parents are extremely vulnerable looking for casual jobs here and there, just enough to put only one meal on the table and 1,500/- for them is huge so it would ease their burden tremendously.

We also received four requests for wheelchairs One is a boy in Mwanyambo Primary and who cannot walk and has to be carried around. If he gets a wheelchair, it will make a huge huge difference for him as well as for the teachers and the older students who have to carry him in and out of class. And best of all, it will give him the freedom of movement, comfort, and he will feel like less of a burden on others.

The other three are much older and live in the hills of Werugha. They cannot walk straight and have to walk on all fours. The stress their mother has when she sees all her three adult boys like that is just heart-wrenching. God willing we can help them as well.

On a brighter note, the feeding program for vulnerable children in Voi Primary is working out so well. The school result of the majority of these 300 children in their mid-term exams was outstanding and when schools open on Monday, we can give some gifts to those who did well to keep them motivated.

I can never thank you, kind donors, enough for your undying support and for creating such a meaningful impact on the lives of hundreds of vulnerable families and children. You bring such happiness into this part of the world and because of you, they see hope look forward to the next day. Most of them say God has finally seen them by bringing YOU into their lives.

May God always shower His abundant blessings upon you and give you back a millionfold times more.

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