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Wells are extremely important to all societies. In many places wells provide a reliable and ample supply of water for home uses ,irrigation and industries. Where surface water is scarce, such as in 

deserts, people couldn't survive and thrive without groundwater.


Digging a well by hand is becoming outdated today as automated drilling methods replace manual-labor methods. Modern wells are more often drilled by a truck-mounted drill rig.

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Help Aid Africa family came to their rescue and through generous donors dug a water well for the community at Markaz Swabaha Islamic centre , did a full pumbing works at the center , installed a full functional 5KVA solar system for the lightings, sockets, fans , water pumping and all other electrical needs at the centre and also provided a 5000 litres water storage tank for the community



This video taken In August this year (2023)  in Shirango area , Mackinon Road was a cry for help from the community

We would like to thank all our donors who made this dream of these people a reality. Let the water flow ......

See full video report after completion of the projects at the centre.

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