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A look at Kenya’s Library system (Problem)

Studies show that the Kenyan library system materials are scarce and the ones available are outdated and hence not relevant to the current Kenyan education system.

KNLS (kenya national library service) has not been able to meet the teaching and learning needs of teachers and of students because they have given  very little consideration to the present school curriculums.

On a visit to a number of Kenyan schools ,especially rural schools, you find that the schools don't even have a library room , let alone the  books that would have been playing great roles in giving students a more effective education by increasing the quality and quantity delivered.

The aims of primary education in child-centered education reflect the interest and characteristics of the child and include such aspects as intrinsic interests (eagerness, curiosity,absorption) and autonomy (making independent judgements, choosing with confidence, self direction, learning by discovery)

The library system implementation in the country should play a great role in developing the child’s self expression, self discipline, self reliance, utilization of senses and development of ability for clear logical  thought and critical judgement. The approach should bring to mind a large number of related terms - self expression, play way, learning by experience, inquiry and learning by discovery among others. Through these methods , the child is allowed to follow the natural course of his felt interests without arbitrary interruption. The teacher's role will hence change from the controller of the learning to that of the organizer of education to an increasing extent, his role depends upon an ability to organize learning situations and manage the resources provided. 


This calls for the need for libraries in primary and secondary schools.

Today's learning is accelerated and broadened by the use of many and varied devices and methods. The library  becomes increasingly important in teaching for not only does it supply enrichment materials at all levels of difficulty (average, gifted, slow and problem child) its store of books, pictures, pamphlets, maps, films, filmsstrips, recordings and all printed media makes it a gold -mine for teachers and students

A food library has a vital role to play in any good system of education, it is an important area of educational resource, without which the learning processes in the school curriculum can not take place at a satisfactory level. Indeed, if a school aims at really educating the students entrusted to it and not merely teaching,  the library is a facility which can make an essential contribution to such a purpose..
To develop a child's intellect, a good library service is indispensable.

For effectiveness of the system, there is need for closer cooperation and coordination among the teachers , parents and the librarians in satisfying the book needs of the student

Availability of a library system will expose the students to the world of knowledge and the joy and experiences that can be derived from books by providing a wide variety of resources like newspapers, magazines, journals and types of books both fiction and non-fiction.
The books will play a great role in stimulating the students' curiosity and quest for knowledge, helping the children to extend their creative and imaginative horizons through the use of well selected and well displayed library materials.

Consequently, the students acquires skills in selecting important points, synthesizing information, organizing it to suit the purpose for which it is intended, evaluates it and finally formulating their own realizations , and applying the information to solve problems. 

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