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Mtopanga High school, in the heart of Kisauni Sub-County is greatly affected by the lack of water experiences by the residends if Kisauni Sub-County, Mombasa County.

The Mixed day school is greatly depended upon by parents across the County to provide education to their kids. And being a day school , most students walks miles and miles just to get to the school every morning .The parents can’t afford bus fare everyday for the students and by the time they get to school , they are all sweaty and dirty and without access to water, they can’t even clean out in readiness to learning making education almost impossible.

The lack of water leads to a lot of dropouts, missed classes and absenteeism especially for girl’s students.

The school has 75% of Muslim students and the water problem at the school greatly affect them.

Studies revealed that the only solution to the water problem at Mtopanga Secondary school is drilling a water well at the school. The Water well will not only help the students, but the rest of the staff too at the institution and the community living around the school.

Some of the benefits of drilling a water well at the school includes the following.

  • Prevented Water-Borne Illness.

  • Raised Sanitation Standards.

  • It enables proper sanitation, particularly important for girls.

  • Hydrated Body and Flushed Toxins

  • It will greatly remove huge financial burdens on schools who often buy water for basic needs.

Help Aid Africa asks for your support in drilling a clean water well at the school. Your contribution to this cause will greatly help in shaping the future and improving the health of these students.

See full report attached.

Download PDF • 1.31MB

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