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Water Well Campaign for Mogotio Girls High School


























Mogotio township has only one source of water, the Molo river which runs across the town.

However, the river is a seasonal river and most of the time its water is dirty and cannot be consumed.

Mogotio Girls High school being in the heart of Mogotio is greatly affected by this. The boarding school which provides education to thousands of students across the counties suffers greatly from lack of water  and everyday thousands of students head to class with no clean water. It simply can’t be found.

Without access to water, education becomes almost impossible. The available dirty water leads to a cycle of diseases, missed classes and high drop-outs especially since it's an all girls school.
Sometimes the students are forced to miss classes .

By helping build wells at school, all that changes. An investment in these wells can unlock the potential of every student by helping them stay clean, healthy and freeing them to remain in class.
Some of the benefits of giving Mogotio Girls High School access to clean water include the following.

- Eliminates time wasted fetching the dirty river water hence giving students more time in the classroom.
- It dramatically improves health , also keeping the students in class.
- It enables proper sanitation, particularly important for girls.
- Improves school facilities through construction since concrete requires lots of water
- It will greatly remove huge financial burdens on schools who often buy water for basic needs.

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