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Support a Student

We are in the process of reviving a vocational training center in Moshi, Tanzania. All students come from rural Tanzania and are provided a full scholarship for pursuing a vocational training course of their choice.The courses run for about two to three years and graduates have the opportunity to become self sufficient upon graduation! All students get accommodation and meals for the duration of the course. Cost per student comes to $100 per month.Your consideration is much appreciated.



Mattresses for Orphanage

We are currently looking for donors to support Lady of Mercy, an orphanage in Jomvuu, Kenya. The orphanage has about 75 kids and are in desperate need of mattresses, towels and  curtains  The mattresses they currently use are in dire condition and are in severe need for an upgrade. Each mattress only costs $25.


Feed the Poor 

Every day almost a billion people go without adequate food and water, Africa being the leading continent in need of basic food and water supplies. We are currently preparing to provide emergency relief food and water to some of the affected areas including  Voi,  Jomvuu,  and Mikindani.  We have already started distributing food, as we prepare to upscale our emergency response. We will also continue to undertake long-term measures including the digging of wells, drilling of boreholes, farming support and environmental improvement. It costs less than $2 a day to feed a person for a basic meal.  We have seen young kids looking for food scraps near the garbage bins just to survive. No human being should be subjected to such circumstances. Your support will keep these vulnerable people secure and out of the streets.


Adopted Orphans  

Meet the parents who adopted 40 children as their own. Akbar & Zeenat Ismail oversee & look after the children with traumatic backgrounds, at their orphanage called the Dar-ul Muslimeen Orphanage in Morogoro, Tanzania.



Covid-19 Relief 

COVID-19 has been declared a worldwide pandemic. About 800,000 people have been affected by it with countless fatalities. The spread of the disease has had a profound negative effect on the lives of the most vulnerable population, the orphaned and neglected children. We have a number of these cases in our village and with the government closing down schools, children have no place to go and they need food help as well as other protective products such as soaps, masks, and hand sanitizers to protect against the disease. Covid-19’s economic impacts have ended up affecting more poor Kenyans than the disease itself. The most affected are the orphaned and disabled children living with the elderly. These disabled, food deprived families are usually more fragile and less equipped to deal with this outbreak and are more likely to encounter higher mortality rates. In these times, especially, many people can not afford food.

This project tackles the issue from two angles. First, to keep these households alive and safe, it must provide well-balanced nutrition. Secondly, it must provide each household with bars of hand washing soap to be used daily along with adapted buckets to sanitize and prevent any potential spread of the disease between orphans. The project will also provide critical safety equipment such as face masks to protect them.

(1 mask + 1 sanitizer = $3.00).

A family of five would have a $15 expense.

With an average family income of $90 monthly, this is a significant burden.

A generous donation of $150 would provide protection for 10 families or 50 individuals.

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