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Mtopanga Mixed Day Secondary school is located in Mtopanga Posta area Kisauni Sub-County in Mombasa County.

The school has an enrollment of over 650 students.

Mtopanga Secondary school proudly provide quality education through effective and efficient teaching & learning activities



The area is a semi-arid area which experiences only two seasons of rainfall with the main economic activity there being small scale businesses.


The school experiences an immense lack of water which directly affects the students in terms of hygiene , cleanliness, religious activities and sanitation. This greatly affects their performance .


Help Aid Africa asks for your support in drilling a clean water well at the school. Your contribution to this cause will greatly help in shaping the future and improving the health of these students.


Kisauni residents, like the rest of Kenyans, rub their hands with glee, as politicians pamper them with mouth watering promises.

In a glaring irony, clean and safe water remains one of the most revered promises by the thirsty residents.













Without its own source of water, Kisauni and the rest of Mombasa relies on water supplied by giant pipes from Mzima springs in Taita Taveta, Baricho in Kilifi and Tiwi boreholes in Kwale counties which most of the time run dry leaving the residents at the mercy of the salty ocean water of the Indian Ocean which is not safe for domestic use let alone institutions.


In his campaign manifesto, the Governor of Mombasa County,  Nassir promised to “operationalise a seawater desalination plant to offer residents an alternative source of potable water…”

“I normally wake up at 5am and sometimes stay in the queue up to 10am waiting to get water.  Today, I woke up at 5am and until now I am still here waiting,” Susan Odhiambo, a resident of Mtopanga in Kisauni explains. Her neighbor Hellen Karambu shares a similar predicament.

However, for residents of Kisauni Sub-County, Mombasa County, the promise of access to clean water has remained a familiar pie in the sky, whose mouth-watering aroma wafts into their homes every electioneering period.


Mtopanga High school, in the heart of Kisauni Sub-County is greatly affected by this. The Mixed day school is greatly depended upon by parents across the County to provide education to their kids. And being a day school , most students walks miles and miles just to get to the school every morning .The parents can’t afford bus fare everyday for the students and by the time they get to school , they are all sweaty and dirty and without access to water, they can’t even clean out in readiness to learning and education becomes almost impossible.

The lack of water leads to a lot of dropouts, missed classes and absenteeism especially for girl’s students. 

The school has 75% of Muslim students and the water problem at the school greatly affect them. 



Studies revealed that the only solution to the water problem at Mtopanga Secondary school is drilling a water well at the school. The Water well will not only help the students, but the rest of the staff too at the institution and the community living around the school.

Some of the benefits of drilling a water well at the school includes the following.

  • Prevented Water-Borne Illness.

  • Raised Sanitation Standards.

  • It enables proper sanitation, particularly important for girls.

  • Hydrated Body and Flushed Toxins

  • It will greatly remove huge financial burdens on schools who often buy water for basic needs.

Below is our survey report of the school and quotation.

The surveyor/geologists recommended the RotaryFluid Flush/  Mud Rotary Drilling method for the site.


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