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Weekly Update: What a lovely week

Hello! Here's another update for this lovely week.

The cold never seems to go and yet not a drop of rain since January. Probably no rains are expected in the month coming months as well and with the president declaring drought as a national disaster, we are just so glad, we have our school feeding and Uji program going strong. At least 500 children of ours will be well fed whilst in school. We cannot begin to imagine the suffering these children would have been going through had it not been for your tremendous support.

How you make these children happy, is just unbelievable! The innocent blessings they give are just simply out of this world. The best part is when they have plucked tamarind from the trees and bring for you saying that this is only what they can give back with such big cute smiles. We feel like crying seeing their love and appreciation for being helped with simple porridge and simple meals in school.. it shows how much the world means to them. We just adore these beautiful children.

Plus all the children in our school feeding program that improved in their Zonal exams were given blankets as well as stationery. This motivates them and others to work harder.

And then, we had a distribution of blankets and food and bathing soap and washing detergent too for about 100 old people at Ongoni Village where they all gathered at a school, identified by the Chief. How happy they all were, those that could hardly walk or talk, started dancing too! It was super fun just simply being with them and so satisfying seeing their happy smiles and all. Wish we could just go back there and do it all over again.

Clothes and blankets and bathing soap and washing detergents and school fees and exam fees were all given to so many vulnerable families and individuals. Some can't even believe that it's actually Protex soap that they were given. One of them even said that, "never ever in her life ever thought she would one day take a bath with Protex," and that she "sees them in the shops but then that's where it ends." The funny part is seeing them smell the soap and they get in awe of the beautiful aroma from the brown package... it's just amazing how these little things bring so much happiness into their lives... and all that happens because of YOU.

So, a massive thank you from deep within our souls for bringing so much love and happiness to children, to parents, to the youth, and the elderly, and to so many more that you, directly and indirectly, touch with your kindness and all I can pray for is that may God never stop showering His abundant blessings upon you and always keep you happy, safe and protected.

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