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Weekly Update - Shower of blessings

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Typically, school holidays are a time of relaxation and fun for students. However, the poor, malnourished children who depend on our school feeding program do not share the excitement. This was a rather hectic week for us to ensure the kids don’t go hungry once schools reopen after the one-week break. Our goal was to get all the food and Uji flour delivered to the respective schools in time for the school opening. We were also busy shopping for required school material for the new academic year for the supported kids before they report back to school on Monday. We know kids have been going hungry during the break and it is heartbreaking to see the starving faces of kids who show up in the shop during the break, so we try to support them with dry rations so they don’t sleep with an empty stomach. We can’t wait for school to reopen on Monday which at least keeps them well fed

Oftentimes, we take little given aspects of life like sunshine and fresh air for granted. For the mzee (elderly man) in Mwatate, this is a privilege as he is paralyzed and bed-ridden, therefore unable to go outside. We had a ramp built at his home and he received his wheelchair this week. For the first time after a very long time he was brought outside and he just absorbed God’s gifts of sunlight and fresh air. Having shoes, plenty of food, clothes, towels, bedsheets, duvet, and other essentials elated him and his wife like small children on Christmas. I just got goosebumps when he said he feels like “[he] is a free bird and not caged in a dark room without windows”. May he always keep smiling like this and may God bless him with health. May God also bless you for making such an immense difference in his life.

The week could not have ended on a better note when I found a letter of gratitude from one of our students, Odha. Sadly, he does not have a mother; only a younger sister and father, who does odd jobs to feed the family.

Despite these major obstacles in life, Odha is an incredibly talented soccer player and has such a warm, friendly personality. He has a scholarship for school because of his strong soccer skills, but he usually comes to us for other help like fare and other necessities for boarding school. His letter brought a smile to my face, reminding me that we are truly making a difference in these people’s lives with our small acts of kindness.

It is the end of a very busy week. We just want to say a massive thank you to all of you for bringing so many smiles to people who are miles and miles away from you. You are all amazing, selfless individuals, and may God always shower His best blessings on you.

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