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Weekly Update: A Cry for Help

Hello readers.

Today we unfortunately have a more sorrowful update for your all because of the harsh weather conditions in Kenya.

On September 8, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the drought in Kenya a national disaster. The current drought is reminiscent of the great famine of 2011 in the horn of Africa. Already people are moving out of villages in search of survival. Livestock is dying or dead. Men, women, and children are going hungry and thirsty. Weak from hunger, they have to walk several times the usual distance in search of water which they are not guaranteed is there. Since last year it had been predicted that the rains would fail. That’s what happened. The short rains of 2020 and the long rains of 2021 failed. Many areas of the country have been badly affected. Chakama is one such area that has been badly affected by drought. It is a location, comprised of 40 villages, located within Kenya’s Kilifi County, one of the poorest of the 47 counties in Kenya. The estimated population is about 15,000 in 4,000 households. The community lives under very harsh conditions and lacks access to essential needs including clean water, food, healthcare, electricity, and sanitation. It had been having little rain even before the short rains of 2020.

It is times like this when we need your help more than ever. Please, consider donating to help these poor people... all contributions will help little by little and together we can make a difference. May God bless you greatly for your help.

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