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Weekly Update!

So a quick weekly update! What a week it was!

The vulnerable children's feeding program for the week went perfectly well. ( Thank you) and the children are now on mid-term break since yesterday and report back on Monday. They did not want to go home I imagine. It seriously makes you realize how the feeding program is so important to these children's lives and that it makes them want to be in school.

The home of the vulnerable family in Mwatate is almost done, the only thing remaining is finishing their toilet, the cabling of the solar panels, and the painting of the back part of the house. We can't wait to hand it over to them, we could have done it tomorrow, but there is a funeral in the immediate neighborhood and it would not be good to celebrate whilst the neighbors are mourning. So hopefully we will hand over the house next weekend.

As I was outside I came across a house which I thought was abandoned but was told there is a young man who stays there.

It turns out it was true, Msafiri a form 4 leaver who is 28 yrs old but does not have a job, and living in this condition can make one go mad. So we gave him food and now hopefully we can help him have a decent home and also see how we can enroll him into a youth polytechnic so that he can get some vocational skills. After that, we will see how to help him start afresh in life but most importantly a decent shelter.

A mom who is a widow of a form 1 student came to the shop asking for help for her daughter's school fees. Her daughter has been kicked out of school for the last 2 weeks. I saw her results and she had been performing well even without being in and out of school.. she has an outstanding of 28,720 after I contacted the school which is in Taveta to confirm this, I talked to the headteacher to let the girl study and we will clear up her fees slowly the headteacher agreed and immediately after that, the mother just burst out crying that too in my shop. She said she has been everywhere asking for help for her daughter to return to school, and nobody was willing to help to send her away. One can imagine the pain of the poor mom, having a bright teenage daughter sitting idle at home. I could feel a huge burden lifted off her shoulder. Now she can concentrate on her younger children

May God always bless you infinitely for always being there for these vulnerable families, uplifting them out of their desperate situation, bringing hope into their lives, and bringing loads of love and smiles to them. Thank you so much which can never be enough for what you do. Now on to the photos!

This is a picture of the before and after of the vulnerable family in Mwatate.

This was Msafiri's home.

This is the inside of Msafiri's home.

When we got him his food he literally started crying.

Then he smiled!

Another vulnerable family😿.

This mother and this child sleep in this house😔.

Look at how deeply touched the mom of the form 1 daughter was I am sorry but I thought I had to capture this moment to show her real emotions.

What does one do when a granny does not let you go off... 😂

Supper Time😃.

Thank you so much for all your help and support have an amazing day!

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