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Weekly Update- Back to School

It was another beautiful yet busy week. We focused mainly on feeding the children with the school's Uji rations program and guiding our sponsored children in heading back to their respective schools. The eyes of the vulnerable children after they received sponsorship into Form 1 reflected pure joy when they realized that they are finally able to start the next phase of life. However, there were still desperate children who wept in my shop, requesting help to get into Form 1. We hope to provide them with a path to education as well.

On a brighter note, the school feeding program was a success as all the starving children in the program settled in and received their warm, nutritious meals on time without worrying if they had enough food rations at home. The Uji was probably their only full meal of the day. Every drop is just so precious for these destitute children, so we will ensure that more dry food rations and freshly milled Uji mix will be delivered to the respective schools tomorrow for the coming week.

The happiest part of the week was when two older people up in the hills Taita benefitted with wheelchairs. It was so overwhelming to see their tired faces lit up with delight, and the visible relief their daughters felt as they no longer have to carry their mothers everywhere. They just couldn't stop thanking and giving her blessings. These wheelchairs will also help the family members of the disabled to efficiently take them to the hospital. We also provided them with plenty of food, towels, clothes, bathing soap, washing detergent, and other essentials. Though these basic items brightened their day, we are so privileged to take them for granted all the time.

Lastly, these two beneficiaries pictured below were identified by Fatuma Kadzo. Ms. Kadzo is the head of the office of the National Council for people with disabilities in Taita Taveta County. There is still a need for one wheelchair for an 11yr old boy who cannot go to school presently, so we hope we can also provide one for him. There is also a man in Wundanyi who needs crutches. We hope to bring a difference into the lives of more people by abling them to be mobile.

Thank you to the kind souls who brought so much happiness, hope, and smiles to these beautiful people, both young and old. You make life so much better for them every day, abling the needy to reach the hospital and churches, and most importantly, education for the children. May God bless you infinitely for your continued support and for always just being there for them. You give me the confidence to always help when there is a need. I know I have YOU who, despite the distance, is always there, giving all the support I need to help make a difference.

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