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Weekly Update!

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

And a quick weekly update once again...

The feeding program for this week went amazingly well. the only thing that threw us out of our budget was the increase in cooking oil prices and I was told that again they will go up by next week but all in all the vulnerable children in the school all had a nutritious yummy mug of Uji and a warm healthy meal for supper before they go home in this cold weather, that warm healthy food is just so vital for them. They appreciate every grain of food and every drop of their porridge, licking out the last drop as if it would be their last😃 , and the way their faces lit up when they were given exercise books for them to use in school. Some told me when they ask their parents they can't even afford to buy then a simple exercise book 😢their headteacher is also very happy how the children are improving in every way but it's amazing how when I interact with them, you can feel that they are hopeful and slowly their cute smiles appear and they rush back to their classrooms feeling happier.. hopefully with more attention, they will open up and have more confidence and change their behavior.

The toilet for the vulnerable family in Mwatate is almost done.. and the finishing touches to their new home are still ongoing. It was awesome of one of their neighbors to help with their two old mabatis for putting up the doors for the toilet and bathroom even when we refused to say that you don't have much, but the old man insisted that it's his contribution towards them and that it would bring him a lot of happiness that he helped.

I had received a request for two wheelchairs. One for a kid in Mwayambo Primary and one in Mwakitawa Primary, I managed to get one which was given out to Jeremiah in Mwanyambo Primary, and hopefully and God willing we can help the other child too in the other school that is on the way to Taveta. Such a happy smile he had and the dad who was there present at school, just cried he just couldn't believe that his child will have a comfortable life. The way he has to carry a 14 yr old every day to and from school on his back since he can't afford to hire a Boda Boda or tuk-tuk. God, even I was trying to hold back my tears. May God always bless you and thank you!

Uji flour mix loaded and ready to be taken to school.

Counting up. it is no easy task making sure all the 250 children are fed during their half hour break.

Supper time before they go home knowing they won't sleep hungry😀

Jeremiah receives his wheelchair 😍

His dad, just burst into tears.

The smiles says it all, right ❤❤

Msafiri's 'home' ..

We brought him vegetables when we visited again to meet his grandfather To discuss where would be the best place to build him a decent home.

With his head shaved and much cleaner and looking better and healthier and more confident. He was very happy to see us again.

The toilet of mwatate vulnerable family.

The toilet and bathroom today.. still to be finished. You can see the doors donated by an old neighbour who doesn't even have much himself.😁

Thank You! Have a amazing day!

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