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Transforming Lives in Africa

A quick weekly update on all that happened on the ground this week... ☺️☺️

Again more fires in Tsavo East and West that have been really keeping me on my toes but at least in between that I somehow manage to juggle my work and the community work tooo.. so all things get done on the ground though sometimes it does get overwhelming and challenging but the satisfaction you get when you know you have created an impact on the ground is just incomparable.. ☺️☺️

Vulnerable families in areas like Tumaini, Ikanga, Taveta, Lebanon reached and helped with food, rent for one single mother with no fingers and toes on each of her arm and was about to be evicted from her house because she has still not been recalled back to work ..

wheelchair for one man who has never had one and was always pulled by someone on a wooden plank, sanitary towels, continuation of the renovation of the new home for the vulnerable family in Lebanon that used to sleep under a tree and clothes too...

When you see their happiness, their smiles, the appreciation they have for the little things we do for them to make life just a little bit better and ease that burden even a tiny bit.. the blessings that they give you, knowing someone will not sleep hungry or cold is what energizes you and never want to stop helping in every little way possible.. 😃😃 Thank you for making all this possible .. it's only because of you that the vulnerable people and children in the community feel happy.. You bring hope to some seriously desolate families who had completely given up on life..

Like one lady, Mama Rose, she said she had never imagined she would ever own a home or sleep under a proper roof with her children or have food to eat everyday.. she said before the day we came into their lives, she had completely given up, just living by every minute, no future, just completely nothing.. and now she has a home, a strong shelter, and soon God willing, we shall see how to get them piped water right outside their home and start a small vegetable business for her so that they are completely independent and comfortable and can fend for themselves.. Imagine how much hope, motivation and morale they have now just because we are holding their hands initially to soon let them again walk on their own independently and confidently.. ❤❤ ufff... and the hugs you get from children are just sooooooo awesome.. 🙈🙈

Right from deep within my soul, Thank You and may God always always always bless you forevermore with everything.. ❤❤


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