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The feeding program continues .....

Schools opened on Thursday last week from Mid term and a slightly more prolonged holidays due to the elections issues. However we managed to send all the food rations for the month till schools close on 26th Sept for the 2nd Term. Now almost 300 children of Zungulukani Primary are all set and happy with enough food till schools close and its all thank to your support. The drought continues and its getting harder and harder but with the school feeding program, the children remain focused in school and love coming to school. This seriously helps them in every way, keeping them in a better conducive environment in school compared to being at their home where they are forced to go earn or beg for money. We pray for the rains to come earlier than predicted in November so that at least the parents can grow their own food and store it right now with the drought, they can't grow and they have to look for money to buy food and there are no jobs at all! We pray to God everyday, how he connected and brought you our supporters into the lives of these lovely children.

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