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Update from Khadijah Tiju, Voi

"And the first week of school opening and how amazingly well it all went, thank God.. what a week.. wowwww...

Besides the busy time in my shop during this back to school season, we just managed getting food to the schools in time for our children who are in our school feeding program..

Those who are in our Bursaries, all went back after all their shopping and hopefully the coming week, I can clear all the children's school fees..🙂🙂

Most children going to junior secondary schools in this new education system will be reporting on Monday and there were so many children who wanted help with the uniform for their new school.. a whole set of new uniform containing a shirt, skirt, school badge, socks, tie and a pullover costs 3,000/- and for those who couldn't afford, we could atleast get some, and others still needed.. so hopefully we shall get for those who still need..😀😀

There was an old man, extremely malnourished lying in his house completely wasted, and somebody told me about him and that he needed intervention.. so had to arrange for him to get to hospital, and get him fully checked.. he was admitted, put on drips and have been arranging for him to get adult diapers and some energy foods whilst he gets medical attention at the hospital.. and I pray he gets better and stronger so that he can atleast stand on his two legs and support himself..😁😁

So yesss.. plenty of food for those that were in desperate need, stationery, textbooks, school fees for those not under our sponsorship but a little to boost them into getting into Form 1 and uniform and school feeding and uji programs for vulnerable children..

And all that is thanks to YOUUUUU.. all this is only possible with your support and may God bless you with His best of best blessing in every little and big way in every walk of your life.. ❤️❤️ "

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