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And just a few pictures as to what we have been upto over Christmas till yesterday.. 😁😁 A Christmas and New Year party for all children with face painting, games, lunch, snacks, games competition, friendly football matches, cakes and so much much more.. and what a superhit event it was.. how happy the children were who had never experienced such a thing ever. It was the most stressful time, organising, mobilising volunteers and youth and neighbours and women to cook the food. And the worst was feeling it will not work out but when it took off, it was surely only God who made things fall in place that day.. 😄😄

Visit to children's home with goodies and snacks and for others even cooking for them right there, and giving them their Christmas and New Year gifts which otherwise they would never receive.. making sure they have enough food for cooking at their homes over this festive celebrations just like it happens in everyone's homes.. 😁😁

So yes it's been a crazy last 10 days and the year 2022 ended with such an amazing, fulfilling note.. and we hope that together we can make it through the year 2023 in just the same way and even better.. touching more lives.. making more differences.. bringing more love and happiness and smiles and kindness onto those who desperately need that dose..

And with that, all thanks goes to Mr Abbas Moloo. All this would have been impossible had it not been for him.. it is not easy feeding almost 1,000 children everyday just to keep them in school and keeping them focussed and away from the streets.. its no mean feat when we have almost 30 students that are being educated in high school all the way to universities.. its no mean feat that we can build shelters over the heads of those who don't have homes, empower them with skills and Livelihoods, cloth them.. build kitchens and toilets in schools, bring piped clean water to such homes that need them, pull electricity and bring light into their homes and so so so much more you can't even remember sometimes.. ONLY God will reward him for all that.. and everyday and as I end my last update of the year 2022, I pray to God that He blesses Mr Abbas immensely with health, wealth and happiness and much much much more than he can even imagine..

can even imagine.. ❤

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