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Initiative to combat Global Pandemic

COVID-19 Relief

​COVID-19 has been declared a worldwide pandemic. About 25 million people have been affected by it with countless fatalities. The spread of the disease has had a profound negative effect on the lives of the most vulnerable population, the orphaned and neglected children. 

Public marketplaces have been empty due to the spread of the disease affecting livelihoods and living conditions

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We have a number of these cases in our village and with the government closing down schools, children have no place to go and they need food help as well as other protective products such as soaps, masks, and hand sanitizers to protect against the disease. Covid-19’s economic impacts have ended up affecting more poor Kenyans than the disease itself. The most affected are the orphaned and disabled children living with the elderly. These disabled, food deprived families are usually more fragile and less equipped to deal with this outbreak and are more likely to encounter higher mortality rates. In these times, especially, many people can not afford food.


Your help can go a long way in controlling the disease in these difficult times. Help Aid Africa has put together a care package with essentials needed to keep individuals safe from the virus and curbing the rate of infection.

Care Pacakage Contents

  • Three (3) Face Masks

  • Two (2) Bars of Anti-Bacterial Soap

Donate Online

Giving is not about just making a donation, it’s about making a difference. Please contribute generously - donate online and continue to support humanity in need. 

Please consider donating $6 for a single care package. A donation of a larger amount would certainly be welcome.

(3 masks + 2 bars of soap) = $6

A family of 6 would typically have an expense of $12.

With an average family income of $90 monthly, this is a significant burden. 

A generous donation of $120 would provide protection for 10 families or 60 individuals.

Guide to pack
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