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Help Aid Africa is a non-profit charitable organization helping communities across Africa in areas of education, health, and living conditions!

We strive to provide the skills and accommodations to nurture a generation of self-sufficient individuals.

With your help we can do so much more to make an impact​.



ICT play an important role in every sphere of human endeavour. It has witnessed a massive transformation over the years which makes teaching and learning easier and more enjoyable and has changed the ways people live, learn, work, and play.

We believe that by equipping the young generation with Digital Literacy, we equips them with essential  skills enabling them to navigate the digital world confidently by easening their Problem Solving ,Creativity, 

Future Job Skills among other skills that will nurture them into becoming self-sufficient individuals.

Click on link below to see our full digital literacy program

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Bore water is chemical-free and high in those healthy minerals.

HELP AID AFRICA has been empowering communities in drought striken areas with fresh water boreholes. 

Click on link below to see full project details from one of our borehole projects


Education for all

This year (2023) , Help Aid Africa has sponsored over 103 students from junior primary to university with their school fees giving them opportunity to learn like everyone else. This initiative is aimed at providing an opportunity to underprivileged students to shape their own future


Water, Maji, Agua, Pani - we all need it but do all have it?

The quest for water for a village where women and children had to walk 5 Kilometers to fetch water.



Help Aid Africa has been running an initiative to help the underprivileged kids ( mostly orphans and dropouts) have access to education by aiding in their school fees, Feeding the hunger striken communities , Children homes , Communities developments, Clothes drives among other things.

We would like to invite you to be part of this drive. Kindly consider making a donation to cover the school fees of these kids. No amount is too big and no amount is too small

Your small donation will make a large

difference in empowering deserving lives!


Solar offers great potential to save money on your monthly utility bill, and with utility bills trending upward, solar is likely to remain a good money-saving option for years to come. The amount you save depends upon how much electricity you consume, the size of your solar energy system, and how much power it is able to generate. 

Generating your own solar power can give you the freedom to keep the lights on if there’s a disruption in power. Residential solar energy systems paired with battery storage generally called solar-plus-storage systems—provide power regardless of the weather or the time of day without having to rely on backup power from the grid. As battery technology improves and financial incentives for energy storage go into effect, deciding to invest in battery storage makes sense for more households across the nation. 

Help Aid Africa has been installing intelligent hybrid solar system into they projects.

Projects that have benefited from this initiative includes Mackinon Road's Markaz Swabaha ISlamic centre where we installed a 5KVA hybrid solar system which is used on a daily basis to pump water from the 160M deep borehole, to power the sockets and lights at the centre , to power cooling fans among other electrical needs at the centre.

We also installed a 5KVA hybrid solar system at Lady Of Mercy Childrens home


another centre that benefited from the project is Mirihini's Masumeen (a.s) learning centre where the 1.5KVA hybrid solar system is also used to power the centre, pump water and power the lights at the centre.


See photo slides...  a

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