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Help Aid Africa is a non-profit charitable organization helping communities across Africa in areas of education, health, and living conditions! With your help we can do so much more to make an impact​.



We strive to provide the skills and accommodations to nurture a generation of self-sufficient individuals.



Help Aid Africa has been running an initiative to help the underprivileged kids ( mostly orphans and dropouts) have access to education by aiding in their school fees, Feeding the hunger striken communities , Children homes , Communities developments, Clothes drives among other things.

We would like to invite you to be part of this drive. Kindly consider making a donation to cover the school fees of these kids. No amount is too big and no amount is too small

Your small donation will make a large

difference in empowering deserving lives!

Water Well Campaign for Mogotio Girls High School

Mogotio township has only one source of water, the Molo river which runs across the town.

However, the river is a seasonal river and most of the time its water is dirty and cannot be consumed.

Mogotio Girls High school being in the heart of Mogotio is greatly affected by this. The boarding school which provides education to thousands of students across the counties suffers greatly from lack of water  and everyday thousands of students head to class with no clean water. It simply can’t be found.

Without access to water, education becomes almost impossible. The available dirty water leads to a cycle of diseases, missed classes and high drop-outs especially since it's an all girls school.
Sometimes the students are forced to miss classes .

By helping build wells at school, all that changes. An investment in these wells can unlock the potential of every student by helping them stay clean, healthy and freeing them to remain in class.
Some of the benefits of giving Mogotio Girls High School access to clean water include the following.
- Eliminates time wasted fetching the dirty river water hence giving students more time in the classroom.
- It dramatically improves health , also keeping the students in class.
- It enables proper sanitation, particularly important for girls.
- Improves school facilities through construction since concrete requires lots of water
- It will greatly remove huge financial burdens on schools who often buy water for basic needs.

Support the project by Donating through Paypal/ Zelle




Water, Maji, Agua, Pani - we all need it but do all have it?

The quest for water for a village where women and children had to walk 5 Kilometers to fetch water.



Mackinnon Road

Shiango center being in an arid area of the Tsavo national park receive very little or no rainfall at all. Residents are forced to walk miles to buy the water which most of the time they can't afford since its expensive, sold only by a few with means and in a far away town.

Help Aid Africa through well wishers has drilled a fresh water well which will provide the community with clean and free water for domestic use



Do dreams really come true?

From a dream to a reality.  From under a tree with no food and water to a structure that is conducive to learning in just 8 months .This is the powerful story of the construction process for Masumeen Leaning center. Thanks to you all for making it happen.

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Help Aid Africa and Maryam Library Foundation

Maryam Zehra is a High School student at The Harker High School in San Jose, California.

She has always been passionate about doing something about social issues like global literacy, health disparity and gender inequality. Working with organizations (Literacy International, Help Aid Africa) for the last couple of years, she has had the opportunity to find ways to help and support schools in underserved communities. These initiatives provided her a platform to interact and work closely with people across the continents, with diverse backgrounds and learn from them.  


As an adolescent growing up in America, Maryam is aware that she has many privileges that many teenagers around the world do not share. Through the programs at Help Aid Africa and Literacy International, she has been trying to help extend opportunities for less fortunate communities in other countries to improve their education systems which will thus brighten the future of those raised there. One thing most schools in under-privileged communities lack is quality learning resources, proper facilities, and access to quality books. What they don't lack is the love for learning, inquisitive minds, and passion for doing something great and that’s what motivates her to volunteer for their better future.

In 2021, when Maryam was a rising Sophomore, she conceptualized Maryam Library Foundation ( while working on education projects in Africa and India.


Through the foundation and in collaboration with Help Aid Africa and African Library Project, she has built 2 libraries in Uganda and Ghana. These library projects have been the most profound experience of her life. These experiences have increased her motivation and passion for education multi-fold. One of the missions of Help Aid Africa is to uplift the life of children and adolescents to further their love of learning and for teachers to have adequate supplies.  


She is also passionate about writing newsletters, blogs and awareness flyers. As she continues to learn more about global literacy, health disparities, and gender equality, she would also like to help recruit volunteers for literacy programs and lead them to make a difference in society.

Get more information on the African Library page and Collaboration with Help Aid Africa by clicking on the links below

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In the news...


Help Aid Africa , support many of the children that lack basic commodities like a home, food , clothing and education

This video shows our work on the ground where we work with the orphans at Lady of Mercy Childrens home in Mikindani, Kenya.

Get an inside look at the challenges they face and how we assist them.


90% of children In Rural Africa lack access to education due to lack of school fees . 

Help Aid Africa is determined to change the education access for these underprivileged kids by helping them have access to education that would help shape their future



Help Aid Africa has been running a food distribution programme in most part of the country targeting drought stricken areas, widows, orphans, the malnutritions and the sick. This programme has been aimed to address food insecurity in the proposed areas : nutrition supplementation for people , food and cash transfers to affected households, and livelihood programs for individuals affected by long-term food insecurity


Tapping into the Digital Economy

Help Aid Africa is on a mission to teach self-efficacy to kids all over Africa through digital learning skills .


Our aim is to equip the less priviledged with digital skills and thus offer them better opportunities to earn a living through digital skills .We believe that smart use of the internet could lessen African poverty, but rural Africans lack digital skills and computers to gain from the digital economy, even though developed countries have an abundance of used computers. 


Help Aid Africa asks you to join hands with us in this worthy cause

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