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Unfortunately in these dire times, most African parents do not have the ability to take their kids to schools resulting into high numbers of school dropouts .

Help Aid Africa has been running an initiative to help the underprivileged kids ( mostly orphans and dropouts) have access to education by aiding in their school fees.

in 2022 alone, Help Aid Africa sponsored the education of more than 70 African students.

We believe that the best way to get them out of poverty is by giving them the education they need hence the knowledge to nurture their abilities and later become self sustainable members of the community.

Help Aid Africa is on a mission to continue keeping these kids in school and empowering even more students next year, and to best achieve this, We would like to invite you to be part of this drive. Kindly consider making a donation to cover the school fees of these kids. No amount is too big and no amount is too small. Please consider making a donation on paypal using this account:

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